Data Recovery Process An Essential In Computing

Data recovery in computing language is known as the process of salvaging or retrieving the lost, inaccessible, damaged and formatted data from the secondary memory devices. This process is implemented when the data cannot be retrieved in a standard way.

Cleanroom data recovery is often required due to the physical damaged and the logical damage, which damages the file system and is prevented from mounting by the operating system of the device.

The various reasons for data recovery are a failure of the operating system, hardware malfunction, and logical failure within the software, physical damage and accidental deletion of the data. The most primary step is to copy the data of the hard disk or create an image of the hard disk onto another storage device.

Data Recovery

Various Recovery phases.

In some cases, there is only a minute damage to the physical drive and by changing some physical parts data can be easily retrieved from the device. But for logical damage first, every byte of readable data is recovered using imaging techniques onto a reliable medium after that the disk is analyzed for logical damage for the reconstruction of the file manager.

  • Phase 1 (Hardware): The first step involves that the physical damage to the hardware should be repaired so that the hard disk can function enough to read the data from the hard disk. Then the data should be copied onto another memory disk to avoid data corruption.
  • Phase 2 (Software): Firstly the image of the drive is formed on to another drive such that there exists a copy of the data and then the operations of recovering the data can be employed. When logical error takes place mostly it is due to the corruption of the file manager which prevents mounting, in which the data is not made visible to the user by the operating system and to retrieve the data Live CD is used which is bootable computer software installation that directly runs through the ROM rather than from the hard disk drive. So it can run even when the hard drive is corrupted to retrieve the data. Software recovery is considered over the hardware recovery because it is easy and more efficient than hardware recovery which needs professionalism.

The hard disk drive is a delicate device and it should be handled with care and it is always preferred that the partitioning of the hard disk should be done such that directories, firmware and important files of the system are stored in another section of the hard drive, such as the service area Tampa Data Recovery Location

Things to consider while you opt for computer repair

Computer Repair

Many times, your computer switches off without a warning, exactly when you haven’t saved your work. The worst times are the power failures which don’t turn up for hours, if you are an Indian, you know how it works.

Computer repair is a business of its own. Right from installation to frequent problems set right, the computer repair guy seems to save the day all the time.

  • What actually goes into computer repair?

Right from the CPU overheating due to insufficient space and the system running corrupt, there’s nothing that cannot be repaired back to perfection when it comes to computers. Yes, the cost is something you got to bear, given that the damage is done!

Computer Repair

  • Do there exist online platforms for computer repair?

Well, yeah. Everyone appreciates the curiosity to fix things on your own, if not to save the costs. There are a couple of really good websites which help you identify and sort out almost all problems but are mainly software oriented. One such is They have organized all possible issues you could come across your PC, and also provide a step by step help out guide.

  • What if, you are one among the ‘Supermans’ in this domain?

The best would be to seek out to the nearest digital showroom and get a good job for your passion and interests. If not full time, these online platforms are also hiring technicians who are ringed upon necessity, along with tasks of addressing customer issues online. A worthy domain to make good money.

  • How to take care of the data security while giving for repair?

In unavoidable scenarios, especially when it’s the hardware of the system that needs a check, make sure you transfer all your important data to an external hard disk, system reset the computer before handing it out to the repair person. This is highly recommended for confidential projects or data files.

  • Recycling old computers

Whether you recycle for money or karma, make sure you don’t dispose of them straight down your daily waste. E-waste demand to be treated differently. There ae many organizations like E-Cycle, Gazelle, NextWorth and even welfare organizations like the National Cristina Foundation, which take these old used electronics to give them a second life, maybe!

The next time you have any computer repair issue, now you know how to handle it.

10 Technology Trends that Can Change the World

The rate of technological change today is directly proportional to the computational power in use. As much as disruptive technology is unpredictable, it is still quite possible to have a hint of what the future holds in terms of technology. At Cisco Live, chief technologist and futurist for the Cisco IBSG, Dave Evans, stated some of the technological trends that could change the world. Outlined below are some of the trends that were stated.

1. New Cloud Power

It is predicted that within a short time, a third of all data will pass through, or live in the cloud. When connected to a device, it will be possible to give real-time information such as what a person is doing at the specific moment. For example, one person can tell that the other person is driving, meaning that it is not the appropriate time for them to video call the other party.

2. Advanced Additive Manufacturing

3D printing involves the process of integrating materials to create objects from the 3D model data. With this advanced technology, it will be possible for human beings to manufacture physical items such as food and clothes, among others.

3. Zettaflood

In 2011, there was the creation of 1.2 zettabytes. One zettabyte is equivalent to 1024 exabytes. Therefore, the use of video internet data is increasing immensely over the years. However, this zettaflood will require advanced networks to facilitate effective functioning.

4. Normality of the Use of Nanobots in Medical Centers

The introduction of devices such as nanobots in hospitals can transform the medical sector as they will facilitate the treatment of many conditions, if not all.

5. Use of Advanced Interplanetary Network

Technologists predict that the internet speed present today could increase by 3 million times in the next ten years. With the use of an Interplanetary network, this will be possible as it allows the flow of data over wide distances without disturbance.

6. The Internet of Things

Today, the number of things connected to the Internet is more than the number connected to people. Therefore, Cisco predicts that in less than five years, the number of things connected to the Internet will amount to around 50 billion in total.

Having such a large number of things connected to the Internet means that it will be easier to carry out different activities.

7. Virtual Humans

Dave Evans predicts that in 2032, human beings will be mentally inferior to robots. After three years, the robots could completely take over the workforce. Thus, this will result in huge advancements in most sectors such as communication and health.

8. Proper Investment in Solar Energy

Researchers from Oregon State University discovered how to print solar cells through the use of an inkjet printer. The practice is stated to be relatively affordable, thus applicable to sustain the increasing population of human beings on earth.

9. Creation of Borg

It is predicted that there could be the creation of a powerful species that will be partly man and part machine. This will be a huge turning point for human beings.

10. A Smaller World

A smaller world will facilitate faster dissemination of information. In turn, events will be able to go from near time to real time, thus promoting the immediate influence of different cultures.

2018 Highs and Lows in Console Gaming

Many excellent releases have wowed people in the industry. The 2018 Highs and Lows in Console Gaming can now be discussed. That showcases the viability of the industry and gives new hope to the market. The 2018 Highs and Lows in Console Gaming are important to review overall. People can take a look back and trust some of the important advances being made. That is a helpful consideration and video game players have followed in time as well. They tend to take great interest in the new games that get unveiled. That is a topic of conversation for a lot of reasons too.

God of War (2018) was a leading console game that was recently unveiled. The sales for the PS4 tend to peak at high levels for those interested. True fanatics were glad to see Kratos take the stage once again. He travels to the northern lands to face off against all new enemies. That includes the Norse gods themselves as Kratos tries to prove his mettle. There were many other great games released during the 2018 year. That was coupled with many excellent games that people want to play in good time. The 2018 Highs and Lows in Console Gaming were on full display.

There were quite a few lows for the console gaming industry. It has been effective in a lot of ways overall. Console gaming is popular for many good reasons overall. There are details that people can explore when the consoles can move forward. 2018 Highs and Lows in Console Gaming has stagnated and there are downs to evaluate. The console leaders will have to reconsider their great new program going forward. Console gaming is worthwhile and that could be valuable for a lot of reasons. That is effective and people want to trust how that will work in the long run too.


Talking of big companies like Capcom and Konami, one starts thinking of combat street fighting video games. Most commonly 2D fighter video games which used to be popular a decade or two ago.2D fighter videos game featured the likes of prominent Streetfighter 2. Well, Capcom and Konami feature another genre of a video game called the beat èm up a genre that is mostly unknown and undiscovered to many. Below is the full list.

      1.Battle circuit.

This video game was produced by Capcom back in is a science fiction based video game and one of the rarest you can find in the market. The video game was only released in Japan and selected parts of Europe.

     2. Alien versus Predator.

This video game was also produced by Capcom year being 1994. The game to say the least can be quite hectic and really throws a lot of enemies at you. That not being enough you as the gamer have to worry about constantly reloading your gun and weapon overheat.

     3. Knights of Valor series.

Also produced by Capcom the series ran through from the year 1999 up to 2011. It is based on the battle of a dynasty between kingdoms in Japan or China. The game is fast and mind-boggling.

     4. Vendetta.

This video game was produced by the giant video gaming company Konami in 1991. The game features a lot of weapons that are very detailed and found almost everywhere in the video game. The game also has a taste of comedy laced to it.

     5. Asterix

This video game was also produced by Konami company in 1992. Asterix is a well-known legend in French circles. The game features two players. In which you two can actually tag team to beat monsters or end up beating your partner if you so wish.

     6. Powered gear.

This video game is fashioned similar to a popular captain commando. Powered gear was produced by Capcom back in 1994 and is a really fast-paced game. The game features mechanical robots with which you can replace fallen or damaged parts from your slain enemies.

     7. Metamorphic force.

This video game produced by Konami in 1993 features you as the gamer playing on different characters as one or you could just co-join together to form a huge monster for a selected period of time. The game could be termed as comical and exciting at the same time.

 8. Gaiopolis.

This video game was produced by Konami company in 1993. Gaiopolis features a password system and has a lot of spells being cast in the game. The game is really long and shows a lot of sword fighting, dragons and the likes.

    9. The Punisher.

The Punisher is a product of Capcom Company produced in the year 1993. The video game is violent featuring a lot of fighting scenes and use of guns. It is a fun thrilling game to play.

    10. Cadillacs and dinosaurs.

The video game produced by Capcom in 1993 is based on an animated series. The video game features dinosaurs that tirelessly work to destroy you. Plus they also attack your enemies thus making the game thoroughly exciting and fun to play.

In conclusion, the list of undiscovered video games out there is endless, with there even being a game based on Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. However, this is a compiled list of the best 10 undiscovered video games in the market today from major video gaming companies.


Systemic failure all the way down to a simple accidental deletion of a file is what we term to as data loss. Then without saying data recovery involves the process of fishing out this lost data. Systemic failure most especially that leads to catastrophic data loss in a business can be really expensive to foot. That is why it is important you follow the guidelines stated below to avoid costly data loss and always remember proper planning is key.

  1. Look and pick out your Data Recovery needs.

The first step involves an in-depth and critical look at the type of data you handle in your establishment. After this, you should be able to decide on which data is more important over the other. There is some type of data that you can manage to do without, while another type will outrightly cripple your business.

  1. Be in a position to fully contemplate and know the risks.

The type of risks that could lead to the relinquishing of data are many. Some come from catastrophic disasters such as a fire, flood or hurricane.I t could be an IT system breakdown or downright to the low risk of a new intern deleting data from a workplace computer.

  1. Analyze just how critical your data is.

Just after knowing the type of risks you data faces and the type or variety of data you have. You should critically analyze and classify your data in a proper manner. After classifying, then put in place proper data recovery measures for each type of data classification.

  1. Check out how easy the data recovery measure is.

It does not make sense to have a data recovery measure that is cumbersome, ineffective or outdated. Outsourcing for a data management company to help you store you back up data might be the best go.

  1. Analyze the impact of data loss or system failure to your business.

This analysis reveals on just how much you could bear in data recovery if it eventually happens. And just how much time this data loss could start to cripple your business. Data recovery management strategy should allow for fast convenient access to the data recovery system.

  1. Analyze how convenient you could recover your system and its security.

The data recovery system you employ should not only be accessed with ease to you the business owner but should not also compromise on data security. Make sure not to leave crucial company data exposed to the masses.

  1. Analyze the potentiality of Downtime cost to your business.

Some data systems such as the emailing system may not have a lot of crucial data for the company since most of it is copied already. But a break down in the emailing system could lead to potential losses due to lack of customer-seller relation. Thus you should analyze as to what extent you are willing to bear loses.

  1. For your critical system data make sure to choose the best method of data recovery.

Some data recovery management strategies such as Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and bare metal recovery work best for this kind of scenario. This is because they take relatively time to access and cover your whole operating system and associated data.

  1. Re-evaluate your network infrastructure.

Having a good data recovery system without having a good network proofing system is of no good. Ensure you enroll with a reputable network service provider so that your network is still accessible even with site failure.

  1. Secure your telephony service against disaster.

This is done by contacting your service provider and having them secure you telephony in their “cloud” service.


In conclusion, once you have the above-listed data management and recovery tips you will be in a position to safely safe gourd and secure your business against critical data loss.