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Talking of big companies like Capcom and Konami, one starts thinking of combat street fighting video games. Most commonly 2D fighter video games which used to be popular a decade or two ago.2D fighter videos game featured the likes of prominent Streetfighter 2. Well, Capcom and Konami feature another genre of a video game called the beat èm up a genre that is mostly unknown and undiscovered to many. Below is the full list.

      1.Battle circuit.

This video game was produced by Capcom back in 1997.it is a science fiction based video game and one of the rarest you can find in the market. The video game was only released in Japan and selected parts of Europe.

     2. Alien versus Predator.

This video game was also produced by Capcom year being 1994. The game to say the least can be quite hectic and really throws a lot of enemies at you. That not being enough you as the gamer have to worry about constantly reloading your gun and weapon overheat.

     3. Knights of Valor series.

Also produced by Capcom the series ran through from the year 1999 up to 2011. It is based on the battle of a dynasty between kingdoms in Japan or China. The game is fast and mind-boggling.

     4. Vendetta.

This video game was produced by the giant video gaming company Konami in 1991. The game features a lot of weapons that are very detailed and found almost everywhere in the video game. The game also has a taste of comedy laced to it.

     5. Asterix

This video game was also produced by Konami company in 1992. Asterix is a well-known legend in French circles. The game features two players. In which you two can actually tag team to beat monsters or end up beating your partner if you so wish.

     6. Powered gear.

This video game is fashioned similar to a popular captain commando. Powered gear was produced by Capcom back in 1994 and is a really fast-paced game. The game features mechanical robots with which you can replace fallen or damaged parts from your slain enemies.

     7. Metamorphic force.

This video game produced by Konami in 1993 features you as the gamer playing on different characters as one or you could just co-join together to form a huge monster for a selected period of time. The game could be termed as comical and exciting at the same time.

 8. Gaiopolis.

This video game was produced by Konami company in 1993. Gaiopolis features a password system and has a lot of spells being cast in the game. The game is really long and shows a lot of sword fighting, dragons and the likes.

    9. The Punisher.

The Punisher is a product of Capcom Company produced in the year 1993. The video game is violent featuring a lot of fighting scenes and use of guns. It is a fun thrilling game to play.

    10. Cadillacs and dinosaurs.

The video game produced by Capcom in 1993 is based on an animated series. The video game features dinosaurs that tirelessly work to destroy you. Plus they also attack your enemies thus making the game thoroughly exciting and fun to play.

In conclusion, the list of undiscovered video games out there is endless, with there even being a game based on Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. However, this is a compiled list of the best 10 undiscovered video games in the market today from major video gaming companies.